Classes at John Mayne

John Mayne has a five class structure. With seven year groups we will always have some mixed age classes. 

 our approach is to take a holistic view of each child and the overall balance of each class to make the best learning environment for everyone in the school. We take the following into consideration:

  • Attainment in the Foundation Stage profile or Y3 teacher assessments
  • Combining children into teaching groups so that staffing and interventions can be managed efficiently
  • Siblings
  • Age and maturity
  • Friendships
  • Balance of class sizes

Currently we have split Year 1 into two groups between Foxes Class and Hedgehogs Class. We have also split Year 4 into two groups between  Squirrels Class and Otters Class.

  • The new National Curriculum is more manageable in separate key stages
  • Year 6 has particular demands (11+, SATs preparation, secondary transfer, Bikeability, Safety in Action, Sex education etc) that can be hard to manage with Year 5 children in the class
  • It is common practice to combine YR and Y1. This means that all infants are in two classes making it more straight forward to plan curriculum events, trips and plays.

 We take seriously a commitment to ensure that children continue to make good progress whichever class they are in and carefully monitor the progress of every child in the school.