Friends of John Mayne School

The Friends of John Mayne School is an active group of parents and members of the community who work together during the year to provide social events for children and parents and raise funds for the school. As a parent/carer you are automatically a member of the Friends of John Mayne School (PTA) and All are warmly encouraged to get involved.

Below is a list of events planned for this 2015/2016 academic year:

None of this can happen without the active participation of parents and volunteers. We know from experience that taking part brings with it a fantastic sense of satisfation in making a difference for the children. Children love the fact that their parents are involved and there is a strong sense of pride and belonging to the community.     

Further information can be read in the Friends of John Mayne Newsletters:

Issue 1

Friends of John Mayne Committee  


Teresa Hutchings


Louise Patel 


Jo Ashby


Nicola Greenstreet

What happens to the money that has been raised?

Over the past five years £30,000 has been raised. Projects have included:

  • Music Studio project which was completed in 2014. The PTA donated £10,000
  • Large climbing apparatus in the playground - improving the play experience

  • Improving the range of books in the Owl Club - more choice, more enuthsiastic reading

  • Purchasing a new stage for performances - great flexibilty and compact to store

  • Fantastic new interactive touch screen for the hall - vibrant images to enhance teaching and learning

  • Climbing apparatus purchased with funds raised by the Friends of John Mayne in 2010.

If you are interested and want to know more about how to get involved in the PTA, then All are warmly invited to join us at the next PTA meeting. 

For details of upcoming PTA events for this academic year please go to the Calendar under the News tab

Next Meeting: 6th February 2018, at 9am

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